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Catholic Priest Jokes (18)

Funny Catholic Paedophile Priest Joke Cartoon

Two priests are out driving one day when they were pulled over by a police officer. The cop approached the priests' vehicle and said to the driver, "Sorry to pull you over, Father, but we're looking for a couple of child molesters."

The two priests looked at each other for a moment, then the driver turned to the cop and said, "Alright officer, we'll do it."


A retired priest was asked to fill in for the regular parish priest who was ill.  During confession, he heard one of the parishioners confess to sodomy.  As he was unable to remember the proper penance, he asked a nearby altar boy: "What does Father McKendrick normally give for sodomy?"

The boy said: "He usually gives us a bar of chocolate and a Coke."

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