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Noah's Ark

Rain, rain, endless rain, water dripping everywhere, forming great puddles which threatened to swamp unsuspecting footwear. I ran along the cobblestoned street, jumping here and there to avoid the water but could not avoid getting soaked to the skin. Finally, I reached my destination: a boat of immense size made from finest gopher wood, standing tall against the deluge. I was not too late - the last of the animals were walking up the gangplank - and strode confidently past them to the old man standing in the doorway.

He looked up from his register and raised enquiring eyebrows at me - I must have looked a sorry, bedraggled sight, but raised a brave, hopeful smile and handed him my business card: 'Arkjoy Pty Ltd'.  He looked at the card dubiously, turning it over once or twice, before shouting over his shoulder, "Rebekah! Please tell me you didn't order an entertainer for this trip!?"

 Funny Noah's Ark Cartoon Joke - We're well prepared for the Mayan apocalypse