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Dear Jesus, Give Me A Bike

Funny little boy praying to Jesus joke picture

"Dear Jesus, if you give me a bike, I won't sin for one year," prayed the little boy earnestly.

He opened his eyes, and seeing his mother's statue of the Virgin Mary looking down sadly at him, was wracked with guilt and the realisation that he would never be able to avoid sin for that long.  So he prayed again, "Dear Jesus, if you give me a bike, I won't sin for six months."

Opening his eyes a second time, he looked up guiltily at the statue, keenly aware of the impossibility of what he was promising.  So with a sigh he got up, gently picked up the statue, packed it into his little rucksack, and closed his eyes for the third time.

"Dear Jesus," he prayed, "if you ever want to see your mother again, give me a bike."

 Dear Jesus, Give Me A Bike Joke Picture