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Dumb Bum Joke

Funny homeless man joke picture

"Watch this," said Tom.  "This bum's the dumbest sonnabitch I ever met."

I watched as he approached an old homeless man sitting near us.

"Hey Jim," he said, holding up a $5 and a $1 bill in each hand, "Which do you want?"

The old man instantly pointed to the $1 bill and Tom handed it over.

"He does it every time," he whispered, grinning broadly, and walked on.

I was curious, so I asked the old man, "Why don't you take the $5? You gotta know it's worth more, right?"

"Of course," he replied, tucking the bill in to his pocket, "but if I took the $5, he would have stopped giving me money years ago."

 Funny homeless man joke picture