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Onion Family Joke

Great ... he cut himself.  Now we're all gonna start crying

A mother, father and daughter onion are out for a walk. They arrive at an intersection and as the walk sign lights up, begin to cross. Suddenly a careless driver runs the lights and knocks down the daughter onion, critically injuring her.

She is rushed to the hospital and after a few hours the doctor comes to the waiting room to speak to her parents. "Sir. Ma'am. I have good news and bad news."

"Okay, give it to us, Doc, we want to know how she's doing," says the father onion.

"Well," says the doctor, "the good news is your daughter is going to live." The parent onions feel a huge sense of relief.

"And the bad news?"

"Well," replied the doctor, looking downcast. "The bad news is: she's going to be a vegetable for the rest of her life."